photography by Drew Altizer

On March 4 at Yoshi's of San Francisco, more than 200 Symphonix members gathered for their first membership party of 2008. The Spring Jazz Fever Party was held at the Yoshi's upstairs loft overlooking the towering new restaurant on Fillmore. New members and guests included Zoe Johns, Teola Young, Charles Rashall, Heather Hartle of 7X7 Magazine, current Symphonix Board President Barry Shotts and Advisory Board members Kelly Grimes and Roberta Economidis. As the evening drew to a close, Symphonix members spilled into the restaurant and bar to enjoy sushi and cocktails. 

Lisa Lindenbaum, Zoey Johns                            Andrew Freeman, Heather Hartle, Jennifer Turner

Dave Morris, Elizabeth Doyel, Barry Shotts, Laurie Kuhn  Andrew Freeman, Roberta Economidis

Liz Brusca, Zoey Johns                    Amy Logan, Kelly Fair                  Megan Milky, Tracy Sutton
Jonathan Lin, Helen Button, Ruth Ann Castro, Ryan Leong   Kristen Hileman, Athena Papazekos

Hayley Badovinus, Jewell Sparks                                                 Jeff Swearingen, Michelle Richards