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2010 Hot 20 Under 40

The 2010 Hot 20 Under 40

Don't get us wrong. By "hot," we don't mean sexy or stylish, or rich or powerful. We mean the envelope-pushing, creative-thinking people who are keeping SF ahead of the curve (But if they also happen to be beautiful, so be it).

Hot 20 2010 Reader's Choice Winner: Mabuhay Health Center

Alvin Teodoro, 33
Founder and director, Mabuhay Health Center
(Left, pictured with co-workers Ruben Lachica and Jaleel Arnado)

Leila Chirayath Janah, Founder of Samasource

Leila Chirayath Janah, 27
Founder, Samasource

It’s not just that Leila Chirayath Janah has Sama, which means “equal,” tattooed in Sanskrit on her wrist. She also rattles off poverty statistics, curses misspent foreign aid, and recounts stories of teaching in Ghana as a teenager. It seems she was destined to start Samasource, the Mission-based company she founded at age 25.

Hot 20 2010: Aaron Koblin, Technology Lead at Google Creative Lab

Aaron Koblin, 28
Technology lead, Google Creative Lab

Aaron Koblin has a hard time explaining his job. He thinks of himself as more of an architect than an artist, someone in the business of making data beautiful and accessible. In his day-to-day, he uses crowd-sourcing to construct stunning visuals from a flood of information.

2010 Hot 20: Zumbi and AmpLive of Zion I

Take two talented musicians (one studying to be a doctor, the other a psychologist), put them together, and you have a future in medicine that was best derailed. Ten years and six albums later, AmpLive (who has remixed music from Linkin Park, MGMT, and Radiohead) and Zumbi of Oakland duo Zion I have proven unstoppable.

The two rule the underground hip-hop scene and have worked with heavy hitters such as Aesop Rock, Mos Def, Talib Kweli and Gift of Gab. They started their own record label and have amassed an audience both here and abroad. “It’s not like a huge pop-based following, but the people who feel us are really into it,” says Zumbi.

2010 Hot 20: Alayna Stroud, Aerial Dancer and Creative director of Cirque Noir

You’ll need to know the password if you want to catch a glimpse of Alayna Stroud and her small company of aerial-burlesque dancers at her Divisadero Street studio. For the past three years, audiences have lined up outside to get into Cirque Noir’s sexy speakeasy performances. But this is no mere striptease. Her choreography tells fantastical stories about love and transformation—but, you know, in the air and with legs wrapped around a pole connected to a swaying bathtub.

2010 Hot 20: Chris Kronner and Anthony Strong

Chris Kronner, 27,
executive chef, Bar Tartine 
Anthony Strong, 27,
executive chef, Locanda

Chris Kronner and Anthony Strong might be the envy of every chef in town. They rein over two of the city’s most nationally acclaimed kitchens: Anne and Craig Stoll’s Pizzeria Delfina and Elisabeth Prueitt and Chad Robertson’s Bar Tartine. Strong is transitioning to be executive chef of Locanda, Delfina’s new Roman restaurant at Valencia and 16th streets. It has a hopeful January opening, as does the expansion of Bar Tartine, which will include a stand-alone bakery for Robertson’s breads. Now that they’ll be next-door neighbors, Kronner and Strong will share something less glamorous—an alleyway trash area.

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