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2011 7x7 Dog Poll

And the 2011 7x7 Dog Poll Winner Is...

We've always known San Francisco to be a dog-lovin' city, but the heights of our collective obsession really became apparent in this year's 7x7 Dog Poll. The 2011 class of canine cuties inspired more than 25,000 votes, as well as a crop of dog-dedicated Twitter feeds, Facebook fan pages and Flickr accounts. (Also, it must be noted that only in SF would a dog be named Jpeg. We're hoping that we get a CSS, a jQuery and a .Gif next year). 

We picked the original 50 doggie finalists a few weeks ago by photo alone, narrowing it down from over 400 submissions. And the final 7 candidates -- who represented a great range of pooches from large to small, puppy to old-timer -- each had their own lively fan bases.

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