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The Art of Buying Art Online

When was the last time you set foot in a gallery and felt comfortable enough to inquire about pricing and potential payment plans for a piece of work you had your eyes on? As much as the stone-cold gallerist times are behind us, let's face it—buying art can still be an intimidating process.

There used to be the stigma that buying art online meant you weren't buying real art, but times they are a-changing. In 1999, Artnet started selling online but ended those auctions a few years later after losing millions. Then in 2000, Richard Gipe—a gallery owner in Arkansas who was appalled at the lack of technology in the art world—launched a website where you could scroll a catalogue of artists and purchase their works (shopping cart and all).

Another Map of San Francisco, Now on 20x200















Jorge Colombo's Sweet SF iPhone Sketches

Jorge Colombo's now-famous iPhone art (which has graced the cover of The New Yorker) has until now, only chronicled the streets of New York.  But now, the former San Francisco Magazine art director has taken his Brushes skills to the road, and the first city he's i-sketching is our fair San Francisco.  Give your apartment some SF love and snatch up his latest work: sketches of the Castro Theater and a downtown

Bay Area Art on a Budget

Back in April, we told you about Jen Bekman and her amazing art site, 20x200, which sells original artwork at affordable prices. As if low prices weren't enough incentive to jazz up your apartment walls, 20x200 is offering customers an additional 20% off their entire inventory until midnight, Tuesday, June 16. All you have to do is use coupon code RIDONK at checkout, and you get dibs on an unbeatable deal. For more information, check out Jen's blog, which breaks down the details.

20x200's Jen Bekman On Collecting Art Without Breaking the Bank

Let’s be honest: Those blacklight posters don’t really carry the same weight they did in your college days. Maybe it’s time to graduate from dorm life and upgrade to some legitimate artwork. But before you blame your apartment’s drab décor on the spiraling economy, check out this amazing site: 20x200. New York gallery owner Jen Bekman is bringing limited edition, covet-worthy originals to the masses through her online endeavor. Named after the project’s first batch of 200, $20 prints (in their own words, “200x20 just didn't sound as good”), the site now offers a variety of editions and sizes.

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