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3 fish studios

Resolve to Learn Cool Stuff This Year: 3 Fish Studios Printmaking Workshops

When it comes to resolutions, I'm admittedly a pessimist. Go for a run every morning? Finish all my projects around the house? Pfft, not bloody likely. But if said resolution involves learning something fun, I'm a hopeless optimist. Sure, I'll take up sewing! Absolutely I'll be letterpressing like a pro by the end of the year!

But even if I'm utterly pumped at the idea of my as-yet-to-be newfound skill, making it happen can still be dicey. This year, I'd like to change that. So I've been looking up crafty workshops and classes to get me motivated early.

3 Fish Studios Pop-Up Shop in Dogpatch

There's nothing better than the joy of feasting with family and friends. Rather than worrying about if everyone likes their gifts, this week's stress-free holiday is all about sitting back, relaxing, and tucking in to a boatload of food in the company of loved ones. So why would anyone would want to ruin the post-Thanksgiving buzz with a 3am wake-up call, crushing crowds, and flying elbows on Black Friday?

Here's the perfect antidote: a pop-up shop at 3 Fish Studios.

State Flag Prints from 3 Fish Studios

Have you ever taken a good look at any state flags? There's some weird stuff going on there. Maryland's looks like a seizure, South Carolina's seems to be thrown together using Graphic Design for Dummies, and the rest are a mishmash of stars, stripes and crests that are near impossible to tell apart from each other. California's state flag, however, is money. See, there's a big bear. A single star. And in big, bold print at the bottom, the words "California Republic." Simple, but instantly recognizable.

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