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650 Eats

Silicon Valley Foodie Update: Mediterranean Food Galore

Envision yourself on a yacht in the Mediterranean, sunning yourself on picturesque beaches and eating freshly caught fish, maybe dipped in some hummus. Truly, though, this week the South Bay is all about the Mediterranean eats, with openings showcasing cusine from Greece, Italy, and the Middle East.

650 Eats: Grass-fed Burgers, Wings of Love

Grass-fed burgers (ground in house daily) and sangria are part of the dining scene at a new 650 spot, cheers! Meaty options abound, but you can also have a pleasing plate of porcini-based pasta and a Little Gem lettuce salad, too. That particular opening means that the quest for hot and filling Thai (with tea) and pleasing chicken wings now points diners to a petite-sized restaurant over in Foster City. 

650 + 408 Eats: Chocolate, Sichuan Cold Noodles, and Biryani

New restaurants are popping up in the 650 and neighboring 408, with scores of chocolatey sweet treats at a fancy shopping outpost.

650 Eats: Poke, Tajines, and More

Not one but two eateries have new outposts in San Mateo after opening in San Francisco.

650 Eats: Quail, Sexy Soup and More

A taste of quail and sexy soup are part of new restaurants popping up in the 650. That's happening at a va-va-voom revamped spot that is getting a little help from a big culinary star in San Carlos.

650 Eats: Lobster Rolls, Sushi and Burroti

New restaurants with seafaring menus are popping up in the 650 and the neighboring 408.

650 Eats: Ramen, Kamameshi and Coastal Pastries

New restaurants are popping up in the 650

650 Eats: Ice Cream and Ramen

Fun new restaurant options are popping up in the 650 (area code), with a new brothy ramen spot giving delicious possibilities in the ramen Mecca town of San Mateo. Further afield the battle for the best bowl of sweet goodness continues with the opening of two new ice cream spots

650 Eats: Vietnamese, Moroccan, and Wine

New restaurants are popping up in the 650 (area code), where those lingering wisps of Indian summer beckon.

650 Eats: Cajun, Izakaya + Vegetarian Pupusa Spots

Three restaurants just popped up in the 650 (area code).

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