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7 films to watch

The Guilty Party: 7 Films to Watch this Week San Francisco

Riding high on "House of Cards" intrigue, Netflix has quickly become a prime source for political docs. Recently, its documentary Mitt was praised for its humanizing portrait of the candidate, but before that, Netflix had exclusive lease of HANK: 5 Years from the Brink, an eye-opening doc that makes its way out of the browser and onto Bay Area screens this weekend.

True Romance: 7 Films to Watch this Week

Hidden among February 14th’s ubiquitous chocolates, candy hearts, and hastily signed cards is a specter of true love: what could be more frightening? Veering from last year's twee-tastic slate filled with hot American indie name filmmakers like Joel Swanberg and Amy Seimetz, this year’s SF Indiefest takes on a subtler shade, perhaps unwittingly playing up its Valentine’s Day slot with a series of flicks about how goddamn hard love can be. 

Answering the Call of Duty: 7 Films to Watch

Peter Berg, known to many as the creator of Friday Night Lights, has always had a thing for realism. His new film Lone Survivor might be his most realistic yet, but it also resembles nothing more than a rigorous game of the online war sim Call of Duty.

Artificial Love: Seven Films to Watch This Week

What does it say about the condition of modern love (and cinema) that the most authentic love story to come out this year, Spike Jonze's Her, isn't one between a man and a woman, but one between a computer and a user?

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