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From Street Tagger to Calligraffiti Artist in Action

Niels "SHoe" Meulman

Since he first picked up a can of spray paint in 1979 and began tagging under the name Shoe, Dutch artist Niels Meulman has been thinking about how to leave his mark on the world—quite literally.

Win a Signed Print of Lawrie Brown's "Yellow Ice Cream"

By Lawrie Brown’s own admission, paranoia about the artificial additives prevalent in mass-produced comestibles inspired the photographer’s popular “Colored Food” series, which is now riding a viral wave through the Interwebs.

Editors Pick Their Must-Have Items for June

7x7 editors pick their favorites from the latest shops, goods, and happenings in the Bay Area and beyond.

Local Company QuiQui Delivers Pharmaceuticals Via Drone

Eureka moments spring from the most mundane experiences. For ancient Greek scholar Archimedes, it occurred while he was soaking in a bath. For Joshua Ziering, founder of QuiQui, the San Francisco–based drone delivery service for pharmaceuticals, the revelation arrived while he was standing in his kitchen, seeking relief from a throbbing headache.

Shaanxi: The Cradle of Chinese Civilization and Our New Favorite Takeout

Order the Qishan minced pork noodles from Terra Cotta Warrior (415-681-3288) in the Outer Sunset, and you’ll be presented with a piping hot bowl filled to the brim with a soul-warming, spicy-sour broth. Just below the surface you’ll find a single, seemingly neverending noodle.

The Best of SF 2014: Everything You Need to Know

7x7 Magazine's annual Best of SF showcases all you could ever hope to eat, drink, see, buy, know, and do in the city.

Cris Benton Captures South San Francisco's Colorful Saltscapes

Once upon the 1860s, much of the South San Francisco landscape was a vast plain of marsh and mud. Then small-time salt manufacturers began to use levees to further their production of the briny stuff. From the ground, this watery terrain is only as special as the sky that’s reflected on its surface, but take a bird’s-eye view—or, in the case of photographer Cris Benton, a kite’s-eye view—and suddenly the turf turns otherworldly.

Hot 20 Community Choice 2014: Nominate the Bay Area's Brightest Leaders

7x7’s annual Hot 20 is one of our most anticipated features each year. It's a celebration of the region’s most influential movers and shakers who make the Bay Area such an exciting place to live.

Best Of Play: Where to Have Game Night, Workout, and Catch Some Air

7x7 Magazine's annual Best of SF showcases all you could ever hope to eat, drink, see, buy, know, and do in the city. Here is the Best of Play:

Extraordinary Sparklers Get Their Moment in the Flute

I confess that I like my wine odd. A blend of five grapes from Croatia that no one’s heard of? Sold. An orange wine so sour it might as well be kombucha? More, please. And when it comes to the sparkly stuff, show me something fizzy and lean with character from a little-known corner of Italy, and I’m smitten.

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