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The Legion of Honor's 18th Century Salon Doré Goes From Rags to Riches

Resplendent in its French Neoclassical glory, it’s hard to imagine that the Salon Doré, originally conceived as a receiving room for the aristocratic guests of Paris’s duchesse de la Trémoille (a purported paramour of King Louis XVI), also served as a gambling hall for her wayward brother.

The Best 2014 Food Trends, Restaurant Comebacks, Delivery, and More

7x7 Magazine's annual Best of SF showcases all you could ever hope to eat, drink, see, buy, know, and do in the city. Here is the Best of Eat... 

All Hail the Male Topknots of San Francisco

The man bun, aka the male topknot: it's a grooming trend that's taken hold across the country and plopped itself atop some of the city's sexiest têtes. In celebration of this preening phenomenon, we've rounded up specimens from around town to pay homage to the mane men rocking out with their knots out. 

From Parking to Rent, How the Bay Area Stacks Up to the Rest of the Nation

The nation's been buzzing about the Bay Area for quite some time now, including SF and Oakland in every Buzzfeed-esque listicle, and labeling the cities everything from Most Charming to Worst Parking. Are they right about us? See the various titles the Bay Area has won over the past year, and decide for yourself. 

640 Skulls Go On Display at Cal Academy

With a collection of craniums spanning millennia, the California Academy of Sciences’ new Skulls exhibit approaches the sometimes macabre subject from a perspective that both scientists and artists can appreciate.

Watch Bob Burnquist Skate on a Floating Half-Pipe in the Middle of Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe may be known for its crystal clear waters, boating voyages, and excellent hiking, but it's the gorgeous floating half-pipe in the middle of big blue that really made our jaws drop.

Bill Fontana's New North Beach Sound Sculpture Plays the Sounds of SF

This weekend, one of the city's most unique, permanent, public artworks will finally be revealed along with the opening of the North Beach Branch Library. A sound sculpture by internationally acclaimed sound artist Bill Fontana will play the sounds of the city back to its residents. 

Urchin Goes From Sea Pest to Menu Staple

Tongue-like, nubby, bright orange uni, aka sea urchin roe, has gone from rarity to staple on many local menus, making appearances beyond the sushi counter in such dishes as pasta at 1760 (Nob Hill) and uni avocado toast at Bar Crudo (NoPa). As foodie love for urchin gonads (yes, you read that right) grows, attention is turning to the suppliers: a small but passionate free-diving community in the Bay Area.

Local Restaurants and Breweries Collaborate on Unique Pairing Menus

To add cachet to their drink menus, restaurants and breweries are collaborating on some seriously epicurean brews. 

5 Cravings, From Fried Avocado to East Coast Deli Sandwiches

Senior editor Schuyler Bailey, who mows her way around town for the sake of the Eat + Drink section, is hungry. Here's what she's hankering for this month.

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