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Experience the Oscars® with The Academy of Friends

Experience the Oscars® with The Academy of Friends

It's almost that time of year again, when the eyes of the world are turned to that glamourous, celebrity-filled, cutthroat spectacle in the sun—yes, it's the Arizona Republican primary! And what better way to cleanse your palate than with a televised celebration filled with Hollywood's liberal elite, the Academy Awards®, hosted in San Francisco once more by our fabulous pals, the Academy of Friends. Their 32nd annual gala event has a few surprises in store...

Academy of Friend's Voyeur Gala Celebrates the Oscars, Benefits the Fight Against AIDS

In this crazed era of obsessive Facebook stalking, Foursquare check-ins and peepings, the Academy of Friends' 31st Annual Voyeur Gala fits like a glove. Best of all, it takes place the night of the Oscars, so you won't have to feel weird about shamelessly telling everyone about your celebrity crushes or pop culture gossip.

This Thursday: The Best Heidi Goes to Switzerland

Get this: The best Heidi (the wholesome one) getup on the "Alpine runway" this Thursday at Justin Herman Plaza wins tickets to Switzerland. We hear it's kinda pretty there, so you'd better accessorize with a goat to win over the judges, which include Hooman from the morning show of Alice 97.3. 

Look of the Week: Black Tie Affair

With the Academy of Friends' Gala and the Oscars on our mind, we can't seem to stop fantasizing about getting dressed to the nines. Though sadly we don't get the chance to attend nearly as many extragavant black-tie affairs as we'd like, when the time comes we're always plagued with how to look fab without maxing out our credit cards.

Let's face it, gowns don't come cheap without looking it so it's always best to invest in a timeless, moderately priced piece that you'll be able to wear more than once. Simply pair with stand-out accessories and pouf, you're sure to be the belle of the ball!




Where to Shop This Weekend: Home Swede Home, Given, Academy of Friends Silent Auction

We may be preoccupied prepping our inner fashion critics for Sunday’s red carpet drama, but hardly too busy to shop. Here are three places to check out this weekend:

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