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Radio Ga Ga

Greetings chums,

Radio stations know how to throw a music party and the Bay Area's LIVE 105 does it bigger and better than most with its annual sonic explosion BFD.

Foo Fighters rock 2005 BFD

Ready to Wear Like a Rock Star!

 photography by

Greetings blog peepers,

When is the last time you saw a line around the block for a clothes sale? I did, Sunday afternoon.

It happens every year at a warehouse south of market when San Francisco's NICE COLLECTIVE has its annual sample sale. It is, pants down, my favorite fashion event on the calendar.

World's Biggest Police Fan

Greetings blog peepers,

I am devoting this electronic missive to the one topic that has flooded my mind, excited my bones, warmed my heart and made me feel like a teenager all over again this week: the reformation of my favorite band, The Police.

courtesy of The Police

Yes British rock trio The Police; Sting, Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland performed together this week for the first time in more than 20 years in Vancouver, Canada. And might I add, to much fanfare and critical praise. 

Over the Velvet Rope

"Here's to gulping from the golden goblet of life that is our San Francisco adventure."

Hello, fancy meeting you here!

Well, here we are in blog-land. I hope we will meet often, maybe stay long enough for a cup of tea or a cocktail and a bit of a giggle.
So Who Am I?
I am still working that out, but here are a few of the hard facts. My life journey began in London in 1969. The son of Irish parents, I kissed the blarney stone at an early age so I consider myself an Irish-Englishman—how conflicting is that?

Hello from the <i>Pirates</i> Premiere

photography by Ricky Camargo

Yes, there were Pirates and Parrots at the Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End premiere.

A little make-up before show time. Always nice to have someone else powder your nose.


My Bad

Apologies to everyone for the blog back-up but my CEO and Supervising Blog Coordinator, the talented Ned "Le Freak" Clarke, had some mishaps and was not here for the past two weeks to aid me in my quest to bring you superior and informative blogage. He informed me that he contracted the "Noro Virus" from accidentally ingesting a chicken wing that he found underneath an old mattress in a Vietnamese massage parlor, causing him to be bedridden for 10 days. Wow.

Ass-Kiss Section

And now it's time for my weekly "suck-up" in which you, precious reader, get to see me kiss the butts of people whom I either owe favors to or want favors from:

First of all, a shout-out to Ned Clarke, the storytelling genius who hijacked my blog last week. I promised him that if he helped out with my blogs, I would help get him a job. Ever since my show got canceled, he has been unemployed and destitute. Look into your hearts people; help me find this man a job. Currently, he can be found living underneath the Sixth Street overpass in downtown SF. Just look for the burnt-out dumpster next to the leaky oil drums. Or call him on his cell phone at 415-302-7256. No project too big or too small.

Fashion Show and <i>Zodiac</i>

So I'm really looking forward to the IMG fashion show with Naomi Campbell on March 15 at Fort Mason. For the record, I have no idea what the hell "IMG" stands for, but more details can be found at Boom selecta!

And since I have nothing more interesting to say on the subject, I'm gonna let my main man, Ned Clarke, who you may remember from "Storytime with Ned" on the recently defunct "Hooman Show," take over and tell a good story about the time he tried to sneak into a fashion show at Fort Mason a couple years ago:
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