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Let’s Get Crafty

Med to Max My Wind Up Bird  Recover Your Thoughts

courtesy of Bazaar Bizarre

For the Love of Reconstructed Tees

I am a big fan of Project Runway, and I become afflicted with something I call “Project Runway Syndrome” at the start of each season. What happens is that I suddenly become convinced of the fact that I, too, can be a fashion designer. I pull out my amateur box of sewing materials—basically needles and thread and sharp fabric scissors—and I take items from my closet that need some work. I have also visited my local thrift store for old T-shirts to doctor (remember, reusing old clothing is a form of recycling and keeps discarded clothing out of landfills). It’s usually T-shirts. I’m proud to say that I worked wonders on an old R.E.M. concert shirt but some of my other efforts were less successful.

Holiday Sale: Aftelier’s Good Scents

photo courtesy of Aftelier Perfumes

Film Picks of the Week

Kurt Cobain About a Son
Kurt Cobain About a Son; courtesy of Sidetrack Films

Hey fabulous film friends, here are some groovy film picks happening around your neighborhood. Check in next week for another exciting installment of the Reel. Until next time kids, be bad and get into trouble baby.*

Film Happenings Around Town

Energy 92.7’s Anniversary Blast

photography by Steve Wyrostock

Energy92.7 is the little radio station that could, and on Saturday, it celebrated another successful year as San Francisco’s most successful independent radio station. The Energy diehards packed the Regency Theater for an evening of block-bustin’ beats from DJs and live performers.

Look of the Week: Hush III

Join us weekly as the crew features a look that is meticulously styled, coiffed and made up to create a runway-ready look with fashion-forward selections straight from local boutiques in your neighborhood.

Look of the Week

For the day: APC grey striped shirt ($122); ACME classic navy jeans ($216); blazer, shoes and belt are stylist's own.

A Treasure Trove

M.E. Moore M.E. Moore
courtesy of M.E. Moore

Sales Talk

I saw on the news this morning that the East Coast got its first big snow storm today—and we’re still three weeks from the official start of winter. People were out en masse shoveling their driveways in the cold. What am I thankful for as the holidays approach? Our version of “cold” in SF is a dip below 50, not nearly chilly enough to keep me from heading out to all the festive sales, trunk shows and store openings popping up all over town. Here are a few you won’t want to miss, starting tonight:

What: Amy Torello Trunk Show
When: Monday, December 3, 7 p.m.
Where: 1661 Sacramento St., #4; 415-699-4188

A Solution for Gift-Giving Angst

photo courtesy of Josh Jakus

A friend called me up the other day, and I immediately detected panic in her voice. “I have so much to do!” she said. “Are you done with your holiday shopping yet? What do you want me to get you? Why don’t YOU sound stressed?”
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