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STRIKE and 7 Questions with an <i>Office</i> Star

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Greetings blog peepers,

Cupertino was the place to be last night, well at one particular spot: STRIKE. It's a new bowling lounge where the hip were hanging for a few hours last night. Wait—did I say that?! What I meant to say was a mix of media (free food and booze, we're there) and Cupertino locals were there to soak up a piece of this new nightlife.

7 Questions with <i>Trainspotting</i> Director Danny Boyle

Director Danny Boyle has covered it all: druggies in Trainspotting, enlightenment in Millions, zombies in 28 Days Later and in his latest cinematic work he tackles astronauts venturing to the sun in Sunshine.

Boyle has long been one of my favorite directors, always tackling gritty subjects, loading his movies up with smart dialog, the big screen always full of surprises. He is a fearless director, never afraid to try something new.

If you have never seen any of Danny Boyle's flicks, here’s a list of my faves.

Japantown Is Hip Again

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Greetings chums,
Another weekend is upon us, and I've just discovered the coolest spot to hang out in: Japantown. Yes, this ’hood is cool again thanks to some new restaurants like bushi-tei, the reborn Kabuki Theatre and a hotel or two that have received massive makeovers. For example, the once deathly dull Best Western on Sutter is now bursting with life and personality as a result of a Joie De Vivre makeover.

A Night at the Drive-In

Greetings blog peepers,

I know I should be recovering from a hangover after party-ing BIGTIME with the stars of fanfest. However, I wanted to share my account of a night at the drive-in.

The drive-in cinema is the only place where the two greatest icons of the 20th century, the car and the motion picture, come together. Under dark skies and night stars, you get to enjoy a movie in the comfort of your car. WOW.
There were no drive-ins where I grew up in the U.K. A chilly winter night at a drive-in in Britain? I don’t think so.

Life's a Beach

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Escape to Santa Cruz if you can for a day or an overnight stay. Have a great 4th of July weekend!

Get to Santa Cruz any way you can!

Debby of Stagnaro Bros. sharing seafood secrets that her family’s kept for decades.

PRIDE Pool Party

Hundreds flocked poolside at the Phoenix Hotel to celebrate PRIDE 2007.

Alice 97.3 Brings on Summer

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Every year, Radio Alice 97.3 kicks off summer with a music party in the park called Summerthing. This year it was something. Under blue skies, thousands of sun-kissed Alice listeners filled Golden Gate Park for an afternoon of music, food and fun.

Last Sunday's music bash in the park was a festive affair. The sound of headlining band Smash Mouth (see pics below) filled the air along with the summer smell of hot dogs, burgers and freshly cut grass.

The Night The Rock Rocked

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Scion and Flavor Group hosted a wild party on Alcatraz Island where music by Flosstradamus and The Cool Kids collided with eco-friendly fashions, contemporary art and macabre performances by SF's Vau De Vire Society.

On the approach to Alcatraz.

The World's Happiest Police Fan

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With my mates Joe and Ian from NICE Collective.

50,000 roar when The Police return for a third encore.

Grab the Earplugs—It’s LIVE 105’s BFD

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Greetings music lovers,

Saturday's BFD was a Big F'in’ Deal. It was one massive sonic explosion; earplugs were a necessity, and the backstage pass a "must have."

BFD was 12 hours of hard, loud, rockin' music; more than 25 bands; a bottle of sunscreen; and more fun than a chimp at a banana tea party.
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