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Consumed: The Best Things I've Eaten This Week

I've got three cures for the winter blues on this rainy day.

Strauss Free Raised dropped off some veal samples for me to try recently and I finally pulled some of them out of the freezer. I'll admit that rather hypocritically, I generally steer clear of veal, but will happily dig into a cute, little roast suckling pig. Maybe it's a pork thing. Give me pig or give me death.

Strauss (which sells its products at Whole Foods) is clearly trying to rid veal of its old stigma. You know that terrible poster child of a doe-eyed calf that's been chained and raised in a box? It's emblazened into my brain.

The Winter Blues Cure: Hot Clam Chowder and a Dozen Cold Oysters

I moved recently from my place in Bernal Heights to a house that sits right on the cusp of Noe Valley and the Castro. When we moved in, I asked the previous tenant, a flamboyant real estate broker, which neighborhood he described it as. He took a moment to look my husband up and down and said, "Well, I call it the Castro. But you—you're definitely going to call it Noe Valley."

The two neighborhoods might offer different stereotypes, but their food offerings are about equal. Neither are considered SF food meccas (although with Frances, the Castro's definitely coming up in the world).

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