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andrew freeman

Club W Helps You Discover Affordable Boutique Wines by Subscription

Club W Helps You Discover Affordable Boutique Wines

When it comes to wines, there are both too many -- 250,000 globally -- and too few -- 250 in major retail outlets.

So what is a reasonably adventurous consumer supposed to do?

The guys behind Club W have a solution.

2011: Food Trends Predictions Rolling In Already

Spoiler alert: The restaurant and food trend reports for 2011 are landing in my in-box already. It's kind of like seeing Christmas decorations up before the summer is technically over. But who can resist a peek into the future? Both locally-based Andrew Freeman & Co. and Brooklyn-based Baum + Whiteman have unleashed their predictions (some spot-on, some pretty wacky). I figured the East Coast might have a different perspective so I took to it to see how Baum + Whiteman's applied to what's going on in SF.

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