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SF Street Style: Two Cold Weather Looks on Market St.

SF Street Style: Two Cold Weather Looks on Market St.

We spotted partners Liz King (left) and Judith Powell (right), toughing the weather in cute coats and distressed boots, while out for a shop on Market St. Liz works retail development and oversees some of the construction of Apple stores, and Judith is the executive director of The First Tee of SF, a youth development program. When they're not hard at work, the two are busy shopping and eating local, in SF and beyond.

Studio Gourmet: An Inside the Actor's Studio for Food Lovers?

I am a huge fan of Inside the Actor's Studio (I am also, relatedly, a huge fan of Will Ferrell's impression of James Lipton). The pensive moments, the long pauses, the seeming sincerity—good stuff. So when I heard that newcomer Studio Gourmet was posturing itself as a sort of ITAS for food lovers, I was curious.

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie in Oakland: Have You Seen Them?

Have you seen Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie or any of their small army of children? The Jolie-Pitt clan is hanging around Oakland these days while Brad films Moneyball, his new flick about the Oakland A's and the story Billy Beane, the team's manager.

The Movie is God-Awful? Yell It.

Sometimes you're in a movie theater and you make one too many snarky remarks to your movie companion and the humorless person in front of you whips her head around to glare at you or shush you. Which is totally unfair because sometimes you have something way too witty to say to wait till after the movie, and sometimes you need your companion to know that you already know what's about to happen. The worse the movie is, the harder it is to restrain yourself.

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