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Anjan Mitra

Eat Like A Native: An Indian Expat on What to Buy, Where to Go

Eat Like A Native: Dosa's Anjan Mitra on Bay Area Indian Food

Anjan Mitra is the owner of both San Francisco locations of Dosa - Indian restaurants that are anything but your typical chicken tikka, lunch buffet-serving joint. Mitra and his wife Emily opened the first Dosa on Valencia St. in 2005 because they wanted to fill a hole they saw in the Indian food around town.

Forgotten Dishes: Lamb Chops at Dosa and Other Plates Chefs Wish You Would Order

In the industry, it's widely known that chefs put a lot of items on the menu that they don't necessarily get a kick out of making anymore. These are the nachos, tuna tartares and flatbreads of the world. Without a doubt, they are the menu staples, and they certainly do please a whole hell of a lot of people. But while you're happily digging into something cheesy and easy to make (at least for a pro cook), the chef is getting his thrills by putting a few more adventurous, unexpected dishes on the menu. Think chicken foot skewers, whole braised fishes and—gasp—lamb chops at an Indian dosa restaurant. I asked chefs at some of the more popular spots around town what they wish you'd order, even though you really just want the nachos. Give these dishes a shot. You might just learn something. 


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