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The Search for Swimwear: Our Favorite SF Bikini Boutiques


Finding a good swimsuit in this city can be as difficult as predicting a sunny day to actually wear it. But with 4th of July beach, river and lake getaways around the corner, it's time to get serious about the quest. Here are our tried and true SF bikini boutiques that make swimwear searching a little less daunting:  

A Beginner's Guide to Bay Area Surfing

Summer's here and the Bay Area surf is...down. While that’s bad news for experienced local surfers, it’s great news for anyone interested in learning. In the Bay Area, summer is definitely the best time for beginners.

San Francisco Too Harmless For A "Mancation?" Please.

CNN ran a piece today that essentially cornered San Francisco as a bland, too "healthy" destination for a proper "mancation"––a new breed of vacation described by author Brendan Francis Newnam as "a trip taken by a bunch of guy friends to blow off steam and remember why they are better off home with their families."

As Mr. Newman has obviously forgotten how to actually get torn up, we'll help him with some alternatives to his chosen route.

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