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The 4 Most Eco-Friendly Buildings in the Bay Area

Green buildings are nothing new in the Bay Area, but it takes a special kind of project to reach the prestigious level of LEED Platinum (the top tier of four LEED rating levels: certified, silver, gold and platinum). Raise a beer (or recycled rain water) to these uber eco-friendly buildings in the Bay Area. 

Art Deco Landmark 140 New Montgomery Poised to Fetch $300 Million

Well before it became known locally for housing Trou Normand, Mourad, and Yelp, 140 New Montgomery, one of San Francisco's first high rises, was prized for its Art Deco stylings. Today, it's on the market and is expected to bring beaucoup dollars (to absolutely no one's surprise).

Scenes of the City: Take an Interiors Tour of SF With Architect Karen Curtiss

We tapped architect Karen Curtiss, owner of Red Dot Studio, for a design-centric tour of her recent projects in San Francisco.

Sneak Peek: Silicon Valley Modern Home Tour

Calling all design and architecture buffs! The Silicon Valley Modern Home Tour (Saturday, May 16) opens the doors to some historic Midcentury houses you won't want to miss.

Forest Hill Maybeck Home Up for Sale

Take a cab ride across the the southern end of the city, and you may notice that the streets get a little curvier; dappled sunlight peeks through large oaks above and, as if on cue, the houses grow a tad bigger. Have you stumbled into suburbia in the middle of a metropolis? Close. You've just found your way to Forest Hill, the tony neighborhood just south of the Sunset but light years away from nearby city hamlets.

Architecture Buff Fest: Hurzog & de Meuron and the Bird's Nest

If you watched the 2008 Summer Olympics last year, you're no doubt aware that a bird's nest can fit a crowd of thousands and a water cube isn't only available in frozen form. The monumental buildings of the Beijing Olympics were as spectacular to behold as those split second finishes and near-defeats.

Indulge Your Inner Voyeur at the 2009 Architecture and the City Festival

Ever stroll by one of the many beautiful homes in the city and think, "hmm, I wonder what that place looks like from the inside"? If so that's pretty creepy, but you're not alone. Yes, we too have such creeptastic thoughts, which is why we're so excited that this week kicks off the beginning of the sixth annual Architecture and the City Festival, held by the San Francisco chapter of the American Institute of Architects and the Center for Architecture + Design. What does that have to do with voyeuristic tendencies?

Bring the House Down: 10 Best Architecture Songs

"All the architects in the house!" ...Not a demographic dejays usually give shout-outs to, but maybe they would if they considered how their work has inspired some great songs throughout the years... but still probably not. If you want to give props where props are due, however, just throw on this mix of the 10 best architecture songs according to Flavorwire and throw your T squares in the air:


The Greenest House in California

What's both green and platinum all over? Why it's the Margarido House, of course, which officially became the first house to receive the Leadership in Environmental Energy Design Platinum certification (the highest level possible) in Northern California this December. Homeowner and head of construction Mike McDonald (with help from Whirlpool) recently created a video tour of the property, filled with tons of information and great images of the home.

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