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art crawl

Meet the Characters of FAMSF's Botticelli to Braque Exhibit

There’s a full cast of characters in Botticelli to Braque: Masterpieces from the National Galleries of Scotland—everyone from a Tahitian temptress painted by Paul Gauguin, to a rowdy Dutchman by Frans Hals. But as you’d expect in a show from Edinburgh, there are also plenty of portraits of Scots, including a few with interesting backstories.

Look of the Week: First Thursday

Ah First Thursday, the one day of the month where everyone can get dressed up in their 'hippest' attire while taking in culture and booze gratis. A glorious evening where Marina girls and struggling art students alike mingle amongst local artists and benefactors, looking for an intriguing stranger to bump into (which isn't hard in the crowded galleries). Well dear readers, that day is today so we've compiled an artfully sophisticated noir-heavy ensemble that proves black is anything but boring. Perhaps we can discuss the merits of cubism over a glass of two-buck Chuck later...

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