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Creativity Explored to Collaborate with Local Artists for 'Super Contemporary' Show

In Super Contemporary, Creativity Explored’s upcoming exhibit, such celebrated Bay Area artists as Sahar Khoury, Alicia McCarthy, Maysha Mohamedi, and Sarah Thibault collaborate with the nonprofit’s resident virtuosos to create dynamic modern works of art, with the intent to debunk preconceived notions about people with developmental disabilities.

The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Project Opens at Electric Works

After two years of laborious work, local artists Amanda Hughen and Jennifer Starkweather unveil their stunning artwork, meticulously detailing the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Project.

"Approach, Transition, Touchdown" is a series of prints, paintings, and drawings of the bridge based on maps, diagrams, photographs, and architectural/engineering drawings.

Test Your Balance at SOMArts' "Frontrunners" Exhibit

How many times have you visited a museum or gallery and used all your restraint not to touch the art? Well, at SOMArt's "Frontrunners" exhibit, you can finally get your fix … on one of the installations, at least. Test your equilibrium on Helene Schlumberger's single-person balancing platform (which might be tricky after a few drinks), or marvel at Michael Koehle's 23-foot-tall masking tape lamp post that's suspended in the air by a set of red balloons. The group exhibit showcases work by 23 Bay Area artists, cleverly coined "the frontrunners."

Can't Afford to Travel to Tibet? Go See Some Photographs of It

The travel industry--not to mention, economy--has made it increasingly harder to take vacations to far-flung locales like Tibet. Which is even more of a reason to take a peek at Greg Hale's new art exhibit, Meditations on Tibet, starting its nearly three-month-long run today.

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