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Bay Lights Artist Leo Villareal Holds Solo Show at Fused Space

You know Leo Villareal if you are one of the estimated 50 million people who have witnessed – and fallen in love with – the nightly light show that graced the Bay Bridge for the last two years. The renowned artist is back in the Bay Area this week to reinstall the 25,000-LED light sculpture, which he describes as a “life-altering experience,” and to stage Spacetime, an exhibit of new domestic-scale light sculptures.

BellJar's Celebrates Two Years with 'Cupcakes and Creatures'

Mission boutique BellJar may be another year older, but it's just as chock-full of gorgeous, well selected home decor as ever. Friday marks a perfect time to stop in and peep out their current wares, as they'll be celebrating their second year in the biz with a big-time blowout. Sip on a cocktail, nibble on a few mini-cupcakes from yummy Mission Minis, and get ready for your close-up with some glamour shots in the on site vintage photo booth.

Barbie Whips Ken and More at Altered Barbie Exhibition

No, what you are witnessing is not more just-discovered imagery from’s impressive Cougar Convention archives, but rather an example of just how far America’s favorite 50-year-old plastic plaything is willing to go in support of the arts.

Find this behind-the-scenes take on the private lives of Barbie and Ken alongside many other such creations on view this month as part of the 7th Annual San Francisco Altered Barbie Exhibition.

Tips on How to Survive a Depression from Paul Madonna and Your Grandma

Ever seen that Seinfeld episode where Jerry's Uncle Leo gets caught stealing batteries? The comedian then realizes that world is rife with old people who also happen to be petty-theft masterminds. Perhaps living through the Great Depression made some of those old birds pretty wily. While we don't condone theft of any kind, we think everyone could learn a thing or two from Paul Madonna's new art show, "Things Your Grandmother Taught You to Steal to Survive a Depression".

Bang That Drum: The Tribal & Textiles Arts Show

Score! The artwork is absolutely amazing at the Tribal & Textile Arts Show in the Festival Pavilion at Fort Mason Center.

But so, too, was the McCall Associates buffet at last night’s opening-night party which benefitted the de Young Museum’s Art of Africa, Oceania and the Americas and Textiles Galleries. That’s because McCall Executive Chef Lucas Schoemaker had cooked up our all-time favorite: Swedish Meatballs!

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