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Take Me to the Rock

photography by Misha Vladimirskiy

On Saturday, June 16 Scion and the Flavor Group presented the Exprescion SF event on Alcatraz where the art, music, fashion and performance world joined together with live music by the Cool Kids, performance burlesque by Vau De Vire Society a graffiti-inspired art show in the jail's old chapel and a fashion show.

Artful Dodger

artist Julie Crosby; courtesy of Root Division

Party Like It’s 1988

Courtesy of Brandon Bird

Religious Experience

Photo courtesy of Damien Hirst and Serge Sorokko Gallery

Creating a Spectacle


Luck of the Draw

Courtesy of Southern Exposure, design by Jenifer Wofford

Day is the New Night

Yes, I realize this blog is called Nightwatch, but in honor of the upcoming Superbowl weekend, I’m dedicating this week’s entry to two commercial-free daytime events that I’ve been looking forward to that don’t even remotely relate to Janet Jackson jokes. This Saturday marks the first installment of Last Saturdays (1pm–4pm;—a monthly South Beach gallery walk (winding through such worthy off-the-beaten-track art destinations as Gallery 16 and Arthaus) that promises to be Mission Bay’s answer to downtown’s first Thursday series—and comes complete with complimentary mimosas.
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