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artists' television access

Califone: From Park City to SF

All My Friends are Funeral Singers, written and directed by Califone's Tim Rutili, weaves film and music together into a single narrative. An album of the same titleprovides the soundtrack for the film about a fortune teller confronted with spirits from the past. At this year's Sundance festival, the experimental, non-competitve showcase New Frontier featured Rutili's film, with Rutili providing the soundtrack live. As far as we can tell, Rutili won't be playing live when Noise Pop shows the film this Sunday at ATA (4:15p, $10), but he will be there for Q&A after the screening. Trailer after the jump.

Bolivia's Rainbow Warriors: A Film at ATA

In 2007, the Bolivian Constituent Assembly met to draft a new constitution for the country. The draft they produced became a polarizing source of political outrage because of its implied empowerment of indigenous people, and by December 2007, the struggle had become violent. Tonight at Artists' Television Access on Valencia, A.N.S.W.E.R Coalition will screen "Guerreros del Arcoiris" (Rainbow Warriors), a film that tells the story of the majority and minority sides of the conflict, followed by a report on the current state of the ongoing struggle. The film starts at 7:30 ($6).

Talking ‘Bout ‘Star Wars’: The Infamous ‘Holiday Special’ Screens Tonight

Last call for the Star Wars hall of infamy! Man, I wish I was able to attend tonight’s screening of the Star Wars Holiday Special, presented by the Free Form Film Festival at Artists’ Television Access. Dubbed “the worst two hours of television ever produced” by various critics, the special was apparently aired once during the holiday season in 1978, never to be released on video (though apparently available on DVD).

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