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Parking With Love

Parking With Love

Some people say that they have great Parking Karma. The people who say that parking always sucks tend not to believe much in Karma.

Ask the Parking Guru: SFO Parking Whistle Blower, or Just Hot Air?

Hi David,
I enjoy your 7x7 posts and your website. I pulled up at SFO this morning and stopped just for 20 seconds partially on a pedestrian crossing, just to let my son get his stuff out. Saw a meter maid writing me up. She said she was writing me a $332 ticket, and then had me move back out of the crossing. Then she walked away, without any effort to give me the ticket. No idea if she was just staging the ticket-writing process to make sure that I was obedient, or whether I can expect a ticket in the mail. Are tickets enforceable if the meter maid made no effort to actually deliver it in person?
Your book looks great, and I read a rumor that you're making an app, I will be looking for them.


Ask the Parking Guru: I Parked Legally But My Neighbors Had Me Towed

Dear Parking Guru,
I was going to Chicago for a few days, leaving on a Tuesday and returning on Friday. I parked my car on Vicksburg St. in Noe Valley before I left for the airport. The only signs posted said, "No parking on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month for street-sweeping."  There are no meters, and no residential permit signs.
My car was towed on the Tuesday afternoon that I flew out. Special event signs were posted giving 24 hours notice to move all cars from the front of the house I was parked near.  The owners of the property were moving and they obtained a parking permit for the day during their move. As a result I was towed.

I've revisited the site and there are no signs indicating that streets need to be checked daily for special postings. I was legally parked for the three days I was away. Do I have any recourse in this matter?

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