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Atelier Crenn

Haute Potato: Sous Vide Cookery Elevates Veg

It's been said that New York has better seafood than San Francisco, but when it comes to vegetables, there's no contest. The Bay Area's wealth of produce is second to none in the U.S.

From Poetry to Potatoes, Atelier Crenn Has a 10-Course Story To Tell

Among chefs, Dominique Crenn is a rarity. She can grunt through a grueling Iron Chef America competition, win it, and then charm Elle magazine into touting her cool-girl style in the midst of “frumptopia San Francisco.” Anyone who might doubt the juxtaposition of her lithe, fashion-forward frame with her culinary acclaim will have a hard time arguing with the accolades she received during her three years at the head of Luce, the high-end restaurant located in SF’s Intercontinental Hotel. In 2008, Esquire dubbed her chef of the year and the Michelin Guide awarded her a star two years in a row.

Atelier Crenn: Where the Snow is Really Falling

Attention all you San Franciscans who stood around waiting for snowflakes to fall from the sky this weekend past. Snow is trending hard at molecular-minded spots like Commis in Oakland and Sons & Daughters in Nob Hill. And there’s a 100 percent chance of snowfall on Fillmore Street this week—albeit from a fancy Swiss Pacojet processing machine at Dominique Crenn's new Atelier Crenn.

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