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Experience the Ultimate Beach Getaway at Byron Bay, Australia

If you're looking for the perfect beach getaway this summer, look no further than Byron Bay, Australia. Whether you love body-surfing or serious wave riding, swimming in warm, shallow waters or long walks on the beach, Byron Bay has something for everyone.

A San Franciscan's Guide to Eating, Drinking & Tanning in Sydney, Australia

I know what you're thinking: Sydney is hella far. It seemed that way to me too when I was first approached about an opportunity to explore the Land Down Under. But after spending ten days in San Francisco's sunniest sister city, I can safely report that it's not that far, and it's a lot like California. 

In Sydney, Mardi Gras Means a Fabulous LGBT Pride Parade

In the United States (and most of the world), Mardi Gras celebrates Fat Tuesday, the day before the fasting period of Lent begins, when gluttony and over-indulgence are encouraged and celebrated in the streets with colorful beads and costumes—we're looking at you, New Orleans. In Australia, however, Mardi Gras happens closer to Easter, doesn't involve enormous amounts of food, and doesn't even take place on a Tuesday. Confused? So were we. 

Live in Paradise--and Get Paid for It

Sick and tired of your current life? Dream of somewhere nice and tropical and far from the Bay Area, because sometimes you just need to get away? Vacations to exotic locales are not really on many people's list of things to do this year--at least until the rapidly declining unemployment rate reverses itself. However, you're in luck. The Queensland tourism board in Australia is going to bring one lucky gal or guy to Hamilton Island (the central hub for the Great Barrier Reef) for an entire six months, to serve as the “island caretaker" as part of its "Best Job in the World" campaign. What does an island caretaker do, you may want to know?

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