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Paxton Gate & The Academy of Sciences Team Up This Thursday

Paxton Gate has always seemed more like a creepy-cool natural science museum than store, what with its displays of stuffed critters, slithering plants and other curiosities, so it makes perfect sense that they'd pair up with the California Academy of Sciences for an event. This Thursday (March 11th), head to the Academy for a night of scientific exploration, courtesy of Paxton Gate's diverse collection of "treasures and oddities inspired by the garden and the natural sciences".

Feng Shui at Bae Home & Design

The art and science of feng shui has been practiced in the East for centuries, yet for many here in the West it still has an air of schlock about it. Perhaps it's the glowing celebrity endorsements (Paula Abdul apparently swears by it), but more likely it's just that little is known or understood of the practice. And sure, adding a plant here or a fountain there won't instantly bring you riches, but the act of regulating the flow of energy, or "Qi", throughout one's home can work wonders for opening up the space and creating a more comfortable environment. At the very least, it gets you thinking more about the flow of your home, and at most, it can purportedly help boost your success (ie, those riches we mentioned earlier).

Sale at Bae Home

We've been out of school for many a moon now, but we still think of Fall as the beginning of a new year. It must be the memories of new clothes, notebooks and pens that get us feeling like it's a clean slate, and anything's possible. Instead of stocking up on school supplies, though, we're taking a look at our home and making a few changes to get it in tiptop shape. Perhaps a mirrored side table is just what our living room needs to get it up to date, or maybe it's time to replace that old, hand me down table lamp. Luckily, both are on sale now at Bae Home for up to 30% off.

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