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BART Station Poetry On Demand

Kat Malinowska over at Mission Mission spotted an on-demand poet at the 16th Street BART station the other day. Typewriter in tow, he sells personalized poems to any comers with a sign in the case reading, "Pick a subject and price then get a poem." Kat includes pictures and says he attracted quite a crowd. She has no comment on the quality of the poetry but hey, if you've been procrastinating on those vows for your late autumn wedding, maybe he's your go-to guy. At a price you name, what do you have to lose? If it's not perfect, maybe it would at least give you something from which to work. Comments on the post claim he gets around so keep your eyes open and you might even save yourself a trip to the Mission.

Swings Installed on BART

Who says grown-ups can't play on the swings? As if it's not fun enough, try swinging on a moving BART train! Last week a group of unknown people went out and successfully installed swings on BART between 24th and Mission. Maybe not so safe when BART does the swinging for you, but tons of fun and it added a bit of lighthearted playfulness to the ride of a few folks.

Check out the full Flickr set here.

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