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Calling All Bartenders: 7x7 Presents Your Night Off with Hornitos® Tequila

Ever since the success of the annual San Francisco Midwinter Barworkers Ball earlier this year, our friends in the nightlife industry have been asking if they would get another chance to convene before next year's round. Our answer? Oh hell yes.

The Sixth Annual San Francisco Mid-winter Barworkers Ball at Bender's

On February 21, the city's bartenders, barbacks, cocktailers, servers, DJs, dancers, doormen, and other service industry workers were celebrated at an annual party hosted by impresario Stephen Torres of Lone Star Saloon. This year's ball was held at Bender's in the Mission District, where guests enjoyed specials on Trumer Pils beer and shots of Fernet—an industry favorite!—while grooving to sounds from the Hard French DJs and the legendary Bus Station John. Guest host Broke Ass Stuart entertained the crowd with fun competitions for great prizes.

photo credit: Riley Manlapaz


East Meets West: NYC Bartender Does Beretta

With people like Momfuku's David Chang in town promoting his book and doing 7x7 panel discussions, all the talk in the food world has been about the NYC-SF rivalry in the food world. But it’s not only in the kitchen that the two coasts have their differences. Bartenders in New York and San Francisco have long had a rivalry, though it tends to be less contentious than the chefs. Vive la Difference is more the motto than trash talk like “all San Francisco bartenders do is put lime in glass!” That said, it’s still interesting to explore the differences between the two bartending cultures.

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