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Bay to Breakers

Look of the Week: Bay to Breakers, Sans Costume

The end-all be-all of San Francisco events is almost here. That's right, this Sunday brings with it the mad drunken parade that is Bay to Breakers.

Unfortunately this year's "race" totally snuck up on us so we decided to forgo the costume and instead opt for something cute, sporty, and ready for a long day of people watching and multitasking (re: drinking while walking).

And while a romper might not seem like the most logical choice when limited bathrooms are involved, in fact we feel quite the opposite. It provides the perfect excuse to stay out of the woods and make your friends join you on a stall-seeking adventure.

Quick Map of Bay to Breakers Highlights

Everyone knows Halloween is the best holiday of the year, which is why Bay to Breakers makes sense. It's one long party that invades almost the entire city every third Sunday of May, and oh yeah, some people actually run all 12 kilometers of it! The giant, moving costume-party-meets-foot-race has become one of the largest in the world, often with almost all 50 states of the US represented and runners from over 24 countries in attendance.

Bay to Breakers: What to Wear

Truth: Bay to Breakers is more about the theatrics than the race itself. When it comes to deciding what to don this Sunday morning, the thought process can be downright stressful. And let's be honest, Sarah Palin costumes were so Halloween 2008. In case you've yet to come up with a quirky idea of your own (hint: the more flamboyant, the better), here are a few costume suggestions we compiled with a little help from our friends.

Mystical Creatures

Preservation of Bay2Breakers Throws a Party

As you all probably know, our beloved Bay To Breakers was threatened by increased security and regulations (No nudity or drinking? Blasphemy. This isn't Utah!). Luckily city officials came to their senses, but not without a fight. Enraged San Franciscans have taken to the streets and well, the bottle to fight this clear defiance of inherited, God-given, Bay Area human rights.

Bay2Breakers Saga: It's Not Just About Nakedness and Peeing

With Facebook groups and boycott cries growing daily as a result of Bay to Breaker’s ban on alcohol, nudity, wheeled objects and floats, it’s easy to forget there are real issues here. And for Edward Sharpless, founder of the group Citizens for the Preservation of Bay2Breakers (7,798 Facebook group members, and counting), the issue involves the freedom to march his “Disco 2 Breakers” float as he did last year with 500 friends while also having the resources to nicely clean up afterward. We caught up with the 36-year-old Cow Hollow resident, who was so confident in his mission, he wouldn’t even admit alternate plans if the race succumbs to a Halloween-in-the-Castro fate.

Bay to Breakers: Time to Start Training!

Lots of things are better when you DIY, but training for a long-distance race is not one of them. If you’re set on finally running the Bay to Breakers (May 17) or the SF Marathon (July 26) this year, do your body a favor and sign up for one of the various race training programs created by the SF Road Runners Club or the SF Marathon, all of which start right around now.

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