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the bay lights

Bay Lights Artist Leo Villareal Holds Solo Show at Fused Space

You know Leo Villareal if you are one of the estimated 50 million people who have witnessed – and fallen in love with – the nightly light show that graced the Bay Bridge for the last two years. The renowned artist is back in the Bay Area this week to reinstall the 25,000-LED light sculpture, which he describes as a “life-altering experience,” and to stage Spacetime, an exhibit of new domestic-scale light sculptures.

Sparkle & Fade: The Bay Lights Come Alive Next Week

Billed as the world's largest LED light sculpture and one of the biggest public art feats in history, The Bay Lights is poised to elevate our city on a global scale. The brainchild of New York artist Leo Villareal and San Francisco PR wunderkind Ben Davis, this monumental project is the result of relentless dedication—a true gift to our city.

Just in case you haven't heard the specs yet, here it is in numbers—25,000 LED nodes, strung along 5 miles' worth of vertical suspension cables, measuring 1.8 miles and more than 500 feet, $11,000 in energy costs over the next two years, and estimated to generate $97 million for the local economy. You do the math.  

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