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Beach House

Beach House @ Bimbo's

Were you into Teen Dream? Do you swoon over Victoria Legrand’s grandiose God-given talent? If you answered yes to either of the previous questions, last night would have been equivalent to heaven. Spinning glitter diamond piñatas and lighting mishaps did not distract the eager crowd from swaying back and forth as they rolled through one song after another for almost an hour and a half. A woman of few words, Legrand got a few bad jokes in, but it was clear their intention was to get in as much music in as humanly possible, most new, but some oldies but goodies…and that didn’t go unappreciated. At the end of the night, the sold-out crowd staggered out the doors, heads spinning in stunned bewilderment.

Emptying Your Wallet for A Slice of Coachella in the Bay Area

Coachella's done it again. The slew of Indio-bound acts rolling through the Bay Area sold out faster than you can pitch a tent. Which translates to outrageous ticket prices, some to over 400% of their original value. Let's take a gander at what people are thinking these shows are worth:


Love Is Real: Beach House Plays Bimbo’s

Ride the undulating “whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh”s of “Real Love” off Beach House’s third album, Teen Dream (Sub Pop), and you’ll find yourself deep in the ether, though Alex Scally and Victoria Legrand don’t seem attached to any demographic in particular. As a matter of fact, the concerns of such songs as “Real Love,” “10 Mile Stereo,” “Better Times,” “Lover of Mine,” and “Used to Be” seem rooted in a teenage world of long ago and far away, regarded through the prism of adulthood.

Sea, Hear: Beach House At Bottom Of The Hill

What has been washing up on Beach House’s shores? Plans for a new baby, according to the band grapevine, as well as a bouncing new album. Duo Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally have been working on the latter this year in upstate New York at Dreamland Studios, a church-turned-recoding-studio, alongside producer-engineer Chris Coady (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, TV on the Radio, !!!).

After the rapturous reception that accompanied the pair’s second long-player, **Devotion** (Carpark), one can easily accept the word from Seattle -- home of Beach House’s new label, Sub Pop -- that the twosome’s third full-length is going to be a beaut.

Listen Up: Pretty Lights, Brother Ali, Gogol Bordello Do It Big

As we gear up for the insanity that is Treasure Island Festival this weekend, we can't help but still be excited about all the incredible shows stopping by before and after. Remember, this is a marathon not a sprint, so warm yourself up with these hot shows this week.

Junior Boys, Mezzanine, 10/13: Electropop Canadian cuties bring their spunk and originality to the dance floor at Mezzanine. Be prepared to move for the entire duration of the show.

Walkmen Fever

There's some serious ticket scrambling and buzzing around tonight's Walkmen show at The Fillmore.  It's well deserved - their new album, You & Me, rocked.  We'll be there, so check back tomorrow to flip through photos from the show.

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