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Design Buzz at Her Majesty's Secret Beekeeper

Our colleagues over at Bits + Bites announced last week that the city was soon to get its first apiary supply store, located in the Mission. Her Majesty's Secret Beekeeper has since opened, and aside from the warm feeling we get regarding all the urban beekeeping going around (save the bees!) we're also loving all of the design elements of the store. Luckily for us, shop owner Cameo Wood chronicled her whole process of getting HMSB up and running, including the design and branding aspects.

In SF, Urban Beekeeping Gets Some Buzz

As we blaze our way through this rece- depr- —whatever you want to call it—people are returning to some of the hobbies of our forefathers and sisters. Seed sales soared this spring and there has been in upswing in classes for jam, sauerkraut and beer making. Foraging fruit is newly cool.

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