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Best of San Francisco

Watch The Blue Angels at These 5 Amazing View Points

With Fleet Week just around the corner, it's time to start making your plans.

Best of San Francisco 2015: Cute Toys, Clothes + Ways to Play With Kids and Pets

Ok, so San Francisco may not exactly be known as a place for kids. Except that everyone we know seems to be having them these days. And for those who don't have the human variety, "fur babies" are an actual thing. So listen up, family people: Here are the best things the Bay Area has to offer to have fun with and take care of your little ones, furry or not.

Best of San Francisco 2015: Staycations, Getaways, Cool Hotels + More

Sure, San Francisco is great. But when you're itching for an adventure, check out some of the area's hottest getaways—some are closer to home than you might think. Here are this year's most popular destinations, new hotels, restaurants, and more.

Best of San Francisco 2015: Hikes, Dates, Classes + More Fun Stuff

Here at 7x7, we're become accustomed to taking a "sun day." Those rare days when it's over 70 degrees and sunny, and we can't bear the thought of being inside for another minute. So, we've rounded up some of our favorite outdoor activities, as well as workouts and other fun ways to hang.

Best of San Francisco 2015: Live Music, Art Galleries, Craft, Movies + More

Whether you're headbanging at the Fillmore, streaking naked down Hayes Street, or hitting up a printing class in Emeryville, there's always something fun to do in the Bay Area. Here are some of our favorite pastimes in 2015.

Best of San Francisco 2015: Delicious New Restaurants, Bars, Markets + More

With a new restaurant opening up every week in San Francisco, it's hard to pick our favorites from among the throngs. Still, we managed to wrangle the Bay Area's best dishes, whose flavor profiles set them apart from the crowd. Bon appetit! 

Best of San Francisco 2015: Nominate Your Local Favorites for a Chance to Win

It's time for 7x7's annual Best of SF! There's so much to love here, it's tough to choose our favorites. So for the first time ever, we're asking you, our Bay Area readers, to chime in.

7x7 Celebrates the Best of SF 2013 at Ghirardelli Square

7x7 celebrated our annual Best of SF (#bestof7x7) June 2013 issue with an exclusive event at the city's iconic Ghirardelli Square. Hundreds of attendees—from our pages, partners, followers, advertisers and friends—gathered to bring the highly-anticipated issue to life.

Photos: 7x7 Best of San Francisco 2012 at Ghirardelli Square

On June 7, 7x7 and Ghirardelli Square staged the annual celebration of the Best of San Francisco. Hundreds of guests enjoyed warm breezes at an exclusive event with several cherished partners, delicous bites, and specialty cocktails.

Reader's Choice: Vote for the Best of San Francisco!

Reader's Choice: Vote for the Best of San Francisco!

Picking the "best" of San Francisco is nearly impossible. There are so many amazing things about this paradise we live in. But, we want you to try!

City-dwellers are known for their strong opinions, so have at it! Tell us your favorite picks in seven city-specific categories: food, style, arts, outdoors, music, tech, and travel. Think you've got the insider knowledge? Go ahead, you may even teach us a thing or two (or three, or forty-nine).


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