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Bialla Vineyards

Atlas Peak AVA Roundup

Atlas Peak boasts many of the best views in the valley and sits at the highest elevation of any appellation in Napa. Perched above the fog-line, Atlas Peak has been a prominent grape growing region since 1870 and winery owners Michael Permenter (VinRoc), and Vito Bialla (Bialla Vinyards) agree that the AVA is unique from all others due to the “warm sun, lack of fog, cool nights, and rocky, porous, volcanic soils, that are perfect for drainage and ideal for grape growing.” According to the Napa Valley Vintners Association, the region is known primarily for Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. The Cab tends to have bright berry and cherry fruit and elevated acidity. The Chardonnay is crisp, floral and displays pear-mineral flavor and bright acidity.

Bialla Cabernet: Rare Quality and a Limited Opportunity

Napa's Bialla Vineyards makes only 500 cases of wine a year and they don't want to make more. Their Cabernet Sauvignon is a part of a group of so-called "cult wines," meaning high-quality, limited-production varietals that sell out extremely quickly. The high price point of Bialla Cabernets ($125 a bottle) makes sense when you consider the care taken in producing the wine. Bialla hand-destems each grape, in what proprietor Vito Bialla calls "the ultimate in quality control and tradition." Bialla is one of the only vineyards in the valley who hand destems their grapes. 

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