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bill graham

Bill Graham's 81st Birthday Bash at The Fillmore

This one's for the city's hardcore music buffs. Bill Graham's—the late concert promoter largely responsible for putting SF on the map as a major music destination—81st birthday is coming up on Jan. 8, and the memorial foundation in his honor is celebrating by throwing a party with a capital P at The Fillmore on Jan. 7.

The Art of The Fillmore Poster Collection Keeps the Rock 'n' Roll Dream Alive

Fillmore art is something special to San Francisco. When I saw MGMT there in 2010, I was psyched to receive an iconic promotional poster as a souvenir. In my rock 'n' roll fantasy, the same would have happened at the Fillmore decades ago, but at a Jimi Hendrix show.

Never Before Seen Photos of Rock Impresario Bill Graham at the Jazz Heritage Center

"Presenting: Bill Graham"
For anyone who has ever gone to a concert at the Fillmore, this exhibit of the world's greatest rock impresario's life is a must-see. The month-long free show is a visual document of Bill Graham's history—from a traumatic childhood in war-torn Germany to his epic career as a concert promoter in San Francisco.

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