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Block Party

Noisette Culinary Concert Block Party

Noisette Culinary Concert Block Party

The folks behind Noise Pop and Finger on the Pulse (the Brooklyn duo known for making parties out of good eats and tunes) are heating up the south side of the city with a block party that will get every San Franciscan going. Eight hot young chefs, seven indie bands and DJs, local brews from Speakeasy, and Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous root beer floats are the name of the game at Noisette's Saturday (8/4) afternoon affair. Here's the lowdown on what the expect.

Hayes Valley Holiday Block Party this Friday

There's something particularly cosmopolitan about Hayes Valley. The not quite completely gentrified neighborhood is a balance grit and glamour: opera-goers, panhandlers, hipsters, and families mix, forming that vibrant diversity of social strata that makes city life so unique. A crisp, evening stroll in December can call to mind New York during the holidays–but thankfully about 30 degrees warmer.

Hayes Art Walk/Block Party Tonight

We are so, so hoping that this weekend is going to be the warm bath of sunlight that all the meteorologists keep promising it will be. One of our favorite harbingers of late Spring is being able to take an evening stroll without needing three layers, a hat and a scarf, and with Hayes Valley's monthly Art Walk/Block Party tonight, the timing couldn't be better for a temperate evening. But if, as is so often the case, those weather forecasters are pulling our chain, you'll likely find a celebratory mood in the Hayes the rest of the weekend, too - Flight 001 is comemorating 10 years in the biz with a mega-sale going on through Sunday.

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