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The San Francisco Opera Takes Up Blogging

How many other blogs discuss the challenges of being a singing Nordic god in 15-inch platform boots? Yes, fine, the internet’s a big place. But how many of these bloggers sporting 15-inch platforms are also opera singers? Much less Nordic gods? Exactly. 

Wagner’s greatest work and the biggest opera event of the year Der Ring des Nibelungen (The Ring of the Nibelung) now has its own blog. Called Notes from Valhalla, you can’t help but picture a horde of Vikings pecking away at laptops while wearing giant horned helmets and sipping cappuccinos.

Creative Bloggers Unite at Blog Out Loud

If you haven't noticed the increasing number of designers, boutique owners, and stylists with blogs, well, you must not be on the internet much. Blogs are becoming increasingly more popular with creative professionals, not just as an outlet for expressing ideas, but also as a fundamental tool for growing one's brand and business. If you're thinking of getting your own piece of the internet up and running, or if you're a seasoned blogging veteran, you might want to check out the Blog Out Loud event happening this Sunday (August 23rd) from 5 to 7 PM at BellJar in the Mission.

The Getty's Blog: Burning Up the Internet


Burning up the ethernet this ayem? Ricocheting emails ‘round town regarding the debut of the latest members in the City Brights blogging stable on SFGate: Peter Getty and his brother, Billy Getty.

Their blog is titled, What the Butler Didn’t See. And within the hallways of many a hallowed home in certain EssEff zip codes, Amen to that. Be sure to read the boys’ bios -- as riveting as their intro entry.

Obviously, as Chron-meisters carefully calculated, other blogs are, natch, furiously weighing in on their new, bold-faced bloggers.

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