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We Wanna Be Friends With Jacqueline Palmer, Founder of A Design Lifestyle

Interior designer Jacqueline Palmer is a woman with a beautiful vision. In 2014, the soft-spoken Santa Cruz native launched her celebrated blog, A Design Lifestyle; a whirlwind year later, she quit a steady gig creating multi-million-dollar interiors for private clients to design for people like herself.

Relationship Advice Redux

Welcome to our new weekly blog of half-truths and educated guesses on love, sex and relationships in SF. Here's who's dishing the advice:

He is a novelist living in SF who’s had one marriage, two live-in relationships, 10 girlfriends and a very wise therapist.

She is an SF health journalist who’s been married, single, communal, and bi-curious, and has studied tantra and orgasm—for research purposes, of course.

Q: Can you recommend any sites that give relationship advice online? Thanks. —Tom in SF

Game On: Peter Getty Responds to Blog Blather


Well, sweetie? It looks like our summer blog reading just jumped up a notch on the sizzle scale.

This morning, frère Peter Getty eloquently responds to both SFist Editor Brock Keeling and SFAppeal founder-editor Eve Batey regarding the initial decision by one of the Brothers Getty to not allow public comment on their City Brights blog.

Sfgirlbybay's Stylish Seven: DIY Books

It's been rainy and a bit dreary here in San Francisco this week, so I've been catching up on my reading! This week on Sfgirlbybay's Stylish Seven, I'd like to share some great reads I've found of late. Some wonderful DIY books, and some new design publications and blogs I've been checking out. So curl up with a cup of tea, light a nice fire and settle in for a bit of bookish goodness.

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