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Hairy Crab at Sebo Tonight, Get Them While They're Cold

I talked to Michael Black, owner of acclaimed sushi restaurant Sebo in Hayes Valley about what’s in store for his customers tonight, not to mention the trials and tribulations of running a sustainably-driven sushi restaurant.

Hairy crab?
They’re called Kegani. I just got two in for tonight. They come in about 1–2 pounds in size and are really prized in Japan for their sweet meat. They come from Hokkaido, an island in the Northwest of Japan.

How will you be preparing them?
They’ll be on the sushi menu and a couple of salads.

Do you ever serve them raw?
No, but one of my favorite dishes is kimchee-pickled raw crab.

Sushi Ran's Sustainable Bluefin Tuna

Yesterday I posted a blog stating that Sushi Ran has bluefin tuna on their menu. I found out today that I was incorrect: Sushi Ran's tuna comes from Kindai University, where they're farm-raising Bluefin. (I noticed that today Sushi Ran's menu wording has changed, making this more explicit.)  Sebo, in SF, also sells this pricey tuna. Although it's certainly a much better alternative, the environmentalist jury is apparently still out. Still, my apologies to Sushi Ran for making the assumption that their Bluefin was wild, rather than ranch raised. 




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