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Bluestem Brasserie

Four Spicy Seasonal Sausages That Won't Weigh You Down

Visions of sausage might bring muscly macho men and meat-hangovers to mind, but there are lots of light, summery links showing up on the menus of sausage-makers around town. All of these suggestions are made on the premises with a refreshing, seasonal spin. In other words, everyone is invited to this sausage party.

Layer Cake: Not Just For Birthdays

When I think of layer cake, images of smiling, neatly coiffed, white-aproned 1950s housewives come to mind. I think of childhood birthday parties, the Pillsbury dough boy, the red Duncan Hines cake box, and tubs of store-bought icing in pastel colors. It certainly doesn't seem to fit in with the images I've got swirling around San Franciso dessert menus: all homemade ice cream, seasonal pies, and tight-rope walking flavor experiments sprinkled with salt. I can't help but get excited when a layer cake shows up at a dinner out. They're few and far between, so let's take a look at the restaurants and bake shops around town that are taking the sentimental layer cake for a spin. 

SF Street Style: Breezy Colors, the Marc by Marc Jacobs It Bag, Denim Done Right + Cork Pumps on Yerba Buena Lane

I photographed Christine Tusher, SF editor for, after our fun lunch at Bluestem Brasserie, on Yerba Buena Lane. It makes me so happy to see people flash their bright colors when the sun's out in SF. The cheerful color combo, paired with the sheer, flowiness of this top made Christine's casual denim day look really stand out again the business-casual downtown lunch crowd.

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