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Bon Iver

Photos & Review: Bon Iver @ Greek Theater

The Greek Theatre has a way of reminding bands that they’re doing something right — that, in a sense, they have arrived, and can count themselves among a group of musicians who have put their footprint on the history of pop music. So you’ll have to forgive Justin Vernon, bandleader of the small town act-gone-ubiquitous Bon Iver, for taking a moment Thursday night to reflect on the significance of it all, his indie majesty perched atop these ridiculously hallowed grounds. “…we feel lucky,” he concluded. It was the #humblebrag of the year. 

Indeed, the WTF-quotient is high when you consider the project’s story to date. In a nutshell: dude gets heartsick, secludes himself in remote cabin, records touching solo album, meets Kanye West, reaps benefits of Kanye's notoriety, assembles band to record follow-up album, follow-up album rises to No. 2 on Billboard chart, music industry is turned on head.

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