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Branch Moves to SOMA (You Get a Sale)

San Francisco's Branch is finding a new place to perch. The sustainable design-focused online retailer is packing up its South Van Ness warehouse and easing into a shiny new space South of Market. While details on the new headquarters are limited so far, talk of a showroom and event space planned inside have got our interest piqued.

Hanging Plant Options from Branch and General Store

I've been flexing my green thumb lately, taking advantage of the good weather to get out and get planting. My tiny balcony is now crammed to bursting with shrubbery and herbs. The very short supply of free space indoors holds pots of every shape and size. There's nowhere left to go really, except up.

Customizable Pillows: Better Than A Mother's Day Card

Considering how much I love, love, love my mom, my usual Mother's Day effort–a card, occassionally handmade, with a few quickly jotted down lines of love–is not quite conveying my soaring adoration. But this year I'm resolved to Do. It. Up. I'll stop at nothing less than a deeply considered gift, beautiful card, and a note that pulls a few heart strings and incites a chuckle or, better yet, a full-on belly laugh. That mom's not going to know what hit her. If you're also planning to make this year's Mother's Day a show stopper, a customizable family pillow from K Studio could be your ticket to glory.

Currently Loving: New Pigeon Toe Ceramics at Branch Home

We've been searching for a cute hanging planter for a long time, and let's just say it hasn't been pretty. Want an army green plastic number? There are plenty of those, along with a few heavy pots that must require an elaborate bracing system to keep it from ripping out your ceiling. But a simple ceramic number for all your hangables that doesn't cost a fortune? You'll be hard-pressed to find one...

Wasara Disposable Dinnerware Saves the Party

It's a fact universally acknowledged: The holidays are f'n crazy. Not to say we don't love this time of year, but navigating the malls, attempting to find the perfect gifts, and planning a holiday party somewhere in all that chaos can wear on you. It's a good time to pick your battles and cut yourself some slack whenever possible.

Summer Sale at Branch

SF-based online retailer Branch is known for its extensive selection of eco-friendly design items. In fact, the e-boutique was selected as one of TIME Magazine's Green Design 100 just last May. Unfortunately, along with those covetable green goods often comes a rather steep pricetag (hey, nobody said doing good was easy), but right now you can be good to the planet and your wallet during Branch's Hot Summer Sale. Get gorgeous handblown glass from Portland's Esque Studio marked down hundreds of dollars - perfect for your home or as an amazing wedding gift.

A Store-in-a-Store at Eco Citizen

We'll admit we're woefully behind on checking out the best fashion boutiques around town. Perhaps we have a one-track mind, but sometimes we need a little interior decor incentive to get us to a shopping destination. Looks like Eco Citizen has tapped into the needs of the design obsessed by pairing with web-based sustainable design darling Branch to create a store-in-a-store at their Vallejo Street boutique.

Warehouse Sale at Branch

With all the sales going on already, it seems after Christmas is bound to be a madhouse this year. Start getting your elbows in shape now with deal wrastlin' at Branch's Warehouse Sale this Saturday. Pretty much everything will be 25% off, so you can be sure to stuff all your stockings with extra home decor care. And to sweeten the pot, expect a free mystery gift with any purchase - oohlala. It's all going down Saturday 11 to 6 at 245 S. Van Ness Ave, Suite 304 (in the Post Tool Building).

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