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Broken Social Scene

Treasure Island Music Festival: Sunday's Top 5

Treasure Island Festival makes leaps and bounds from grimy, sweaty, electro on Saturday to more of the relaxed, indie variety on Sunday. The vibe of the fest will do a 180, but the talent level will stay exactly the same.

Sunday’s Top 5

Show Review: Broken Social Scene @ The Fillmore

For one thing, these guys (and gals) love San Francisco. Kevin Drew could pretty much remember every single Bay Area show they've played over the last 5 years. Impressive considering their intense tour schedules. Not only that, but they kicked off their Forgiveness Rock Record tour right here in our City by the the infamous Fillmore on Saturday night. Doesn't get much better than that folks. It being the first night of the tour, there were obviously a few technical glitches, but with seven mics and over a dozen different instruments, we're surprised it went as flawlessly as it did.

May's Hottest Concert Tickets

It's a big month for shows. As festie season revs up, more and more large acts are stopping through the Bay Area on their journeys. Considering the ridiculous amount of shows to behold, this month we're highlighting our faves. Take your pick.

5/1 - Broken Social Scene @ The Fillmore: Their brand spanking new record comes out May 4th, so preview this gigantic collective and their rotating cast of indie phenoms. Past and present roster members include: Feist, Evan Cranley of Stars, James Shaw and Emily Haines of Metric, Charles Spearin of Do Make Say Think, members of Raising the Fawn, and The Dears etc. It's pretty much a must-see.

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