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Papalote's Famous Salsas Hit Store Shelves Tomorrow!

Papalote has gotten nagged to put their famous salsa on store shelves so much that they've finally caved. Debuting at Whole Foods, Rainbow Grocery and on their salsa site tomorrow, December 1st, all you burritophiles out there will be able to get your paws on a jar to tote around with you anywhere you're chowing down. Know any burrito freaks who you don't have Christmas present ideas for? Grab a few jars and wrap' em up. You might also be popular on the secret santa circuit if you donate some jars to the cause.

The 23 Best Burritos Joints In SF: A List Up For Debate

When we solicited your nominations for our prestigous burrito judge, we also asked that the nominees (and there were a lot of them!) divulge their top three SF burrito spots. We took these lists and compiled them for your reading pleasure. Best burritos in SF? Agree or agree to disagree.

Gordo Taqueria, 1239 9th Ave., (415) 566-6011

Papalote, 3409 24th St., (415) 970-8815

El Castillito, 136 Church St., (415) 621-3428

Presenting the Top Ten Burrito Judge Nominees (So Far)

This week we’ve been calling for nominations for burrito experts to participate on a judging panel, along with some of the city’s top chefs, for our February Food Issue’s burrito-off. The nominations have been amazing and the cases made, most convincing. (Not to mention, highly entertaining—we’re talking burrito senior thesis, a burrito costume, a burrito rap and more.) Read on and let us know who you think should be able to be on this esteemed judging panel (the nominees are listed in no particular order). Nominations are still being accepted until Monday, November 22, midnight.

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