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A Local Architect Pays Homage to SF's Modernist Homes

A Local Architect Pays Homage to SF's Modernist Homes

San Francisco architect Michael Murphy had been creating retro-style illustrations for five years when he noticed a worthy subject in his own backyard—the city's modernist residences, which are often overshadowed by the Victorian Painted Ladies.

Season's Greetings: Holiday Cards from SF's Most Festive Companies

This year, scrap the cheap-o holiday cards and send your friends and family
one of these cool picks from San Francisco stationery makers. Our friends at
7x7's sister magazine California Home + Design share their favorite finds (From left to right).

SF's Best Handmade Holiday Markets: Where to Snag Fun Gifts for Everyone

Forget heading to the mall to find gifts for your friends and family. This year, all of our favorite San Francisco holiday markets are back and better than ever. Find out which ones can't be missed.

SFO's Rockin' New Exhibit: The Evolution of the Record

If you’re traveling by plane this holiday season, SFO’s Terminal 2 has a rockin’ new exhibit worth checking out. As you head to your gate (or deal with crazy flight delays), snag a glimpse of "Revolutions per Minute: The Evolution of the Record” and “The Art of the Album Cover.”

Drinking Design Diary: Plum Bar in Oakland

There are two things I've recently promised myself I would do more of: read things that inspire me and aren't the newspaper and go to Oakland. I know it sounds like a strange pairing, but I actually got a fix of both the other night when I went to the opening of Plum Bar, the new watering hole adjacent to Daniel Patterson's celebrated restaurant, Plum.

Designers, Submit Your Creations to California Home & Design's CH+D Awards!

This will be my fifth year working on 7x7's sister magazine California Home & Design's CH+D Awards. And if I've learned anything, it's that designers are just like the rest of us—they wait until the absolute last minute to turn in their homework. In this case, it's awards submissions. <--break->

Get Ready For Wireless Jam Sessions with Bluetooth Speakers from SF-Based Jawbone

Just our luck – as soon as we got the new iPhone one of our speakers blew. So we're on the prowl for a new wireless speaker. Something that doesn't just sound good but also looks beautiful.

California Home & Design Magazine's Designer Gift Guide Giveaway!

Now that Halloween is almost history, holiday shopping is creeping up on everyone's radar. You've got to snag things for everyone and their mother, but you've also got to find a few things for yourself. How else are you going to make it through the cold, rainy days on the horizon? Thankfully, our sister mag California Home & Design makes it easy by giving away designer items every week until December 1st from their holiday gift guide.

Take a Peek Inside FiDi’s Credo Restaurant

Food is rarely just food these days. Whether it's about where the ingredients come from, how long it takes to prepare or how much of it ends up in the trash after dinner service, dining out in San Francisco often involves a choice bigger than simply Thai or Italian (or Eritrean, Japanese, Turkish, Venezuelan...).

TuneUp Media's Rockin' New Office Space

With over six million users, Bay Area upstart Tune-up Media is the rockin’ renovators of the digital sphere - tidying up and spiffing out our befuddled music libraries with their #1 iTunes plug-in. (Read: mislabeled songs, missing cover art, and duplicate tracks made spic-and-span in a jiffy). But lately, Tune-up founder Gabe Adiv has taken his creative fixer-upper skills to the brick-and-mortar space. Working with designer Marc Hinshaw, the duo tapped the company's playful underpinnings to create the ultimate rock-n-roll hipster workspace.

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