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California Home & Design

Your Favorite Building in San Francisco, Unveiled

Last week, our pals over at sister site California Home & Design enlisted you to sound off and crown your favorite building in our beloved San Francisco. The nominations ran from century-old palaces to post-modern behemoths, and even an abandoned bank building. With so many eye-popping buildings in this town, it was a tough race. Want to see who took the gold? Click here to see the winner!

Attention All Local Businesses: Register for CCA's Career Expo!

California College of the Arts has thousands of decorated alumni under its belt and more learning every day what it'll be like to be let loose in the real world. So local businesses, if you're on the lookout for interns, freelancers, part- and full-time employees, rally your troops for CCA's Career Expo on April 8th.

Face The Rain With These Swoon-Worthy Umbrellas

Storm clouds are looming ahead. I would love to keep dry—and look adorable—next week with some of these designer umbrellas. In fact, I may just have to do a rain dance.

Estate Sale Report: A Collector's Dream Comes to the Old American Rag Shop

For several years I've been ducking down Fern Alley off Van Ness Street  to visit a little store whose name I never knew. The small space was packed to the rafters with estate goods and shopping there was like combing through 1,000 attics stuffed into a four-room flat. For the next several months, that business has a new name (Tenenbaum's Emporium) and a new Van Ness Street location (the old American Rag store between Bush and Sutter Sts.). Best of all, all the goods are 50 percent off. Read more.....

Winner Announced! SF's Best-Designed Restaurant

A couple of weeks ago, our sister mag California Home+Design queried local design-lovers on who they thought should be named SF's best-designed restaurant, and it was a heated battle with over 3,000 votes cast. The winner? Local: Mission Eatery.

Painted Portraits From Past Eras At This Weekend's Russian Hill Estate Sale

It seems like a lot of estate sales these days are staged by the living. Perhaps it's because of the economy, but it seems like people are paring down their possessions. Great news, because there's more for the rest of us. In a sale on Russian Hill this weekend, a couple is divesting themselves of an interesting art collection and more.

Celebrate The Rock Posters of Chronicle Books' "The Small Stakes" @ The Curiosity Shoppe Thursday

There's no shortage of excuses to party these next few weeks, but if you're looking for another one, it might behoove you to check out the Curiosity Shoppe this Thursday. They'll be celebrating the opening of Jason Munn's (aka the artist behind Chronicle Books' The Small Stakes) latest show in their gallery, featuring his pleasantly minimal limited-edition rock posters.

Gifts For Yourself (And Everyone Else) @ Renegade's Holiday Craft Fair

The holidays continue to gallop towards us at an alarming pace. You've got to get a tree, decorate, attend countless parties (tough life!), and somewhere in there buy presents for all your nearest and dearest. So far I've got one gift down, countless to go. It seems every time I sit down to find the perfect gift, I wind up with 20 things for my own wish list, and not a dang thing for anybody else. Read more. . . .

Gifts From Gump's: Golden Gate Puzzle

Celebrating 150 years in San Francisco next year, Gump's is an institution. Today the Union Square shop offers exclusive collectibles, artwork, antiques, jewelry and a range of tableware, books and furnishings.

It's our honor to offer a selection of holiday gifts from Gump's, hand-selected by our editors, for CH+D and 7x7 readers.

Gifts from Gump's #10: Tom Killion 'Golden Gate at Sunset' Puzzle

Sons & Daughters: Designed by the Whole Family

When is comes to cooking, many of us try and recreate homey dishes “just like mom used to make.” But for Matt McNamara and Teague Moriarty, who serve up a next generation menu at their San Francisco restaurant Sons & Daughters that mixes classic French technique, molecular gastronomy and a little rebellious reconfiguring of local, seasonal ingredients, Mom’s casserole didn’t make it anywhere near the kitchen. In this case, what mother knew best was design.

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