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Three Juice Diet Options To Clean Up Your Act for 2012

Now that December's barrage of Christmas pies, Kwanzaa cheesecakes, stuffings, roasts, and sweets (by god, is it still the year of the cupcake?) have cycled through, I'm starting to feel the Christmas spirit in a not-so-cheerful way right around my mid-section. The next few weeks provide some down time to make that necessary shift from cleaning your plate to cleaning your liver. Enter: the increasingly popular juice cleanse.

Yes You Can: An Antidote to Holiday Gluttony











I'm back from my Christmas holiday. During this two day period, I consumed: stollen (Swedish-style buttery bread toasted and topped with more butter), Dungeness crab dipped in butter, leg of lamb dripping in fat, baked root vegetables (more butter), permsimmon pudding with hard sauce (boozy butter), homemade donuts dipped in chocolate (enough said), a cheddar cheese spread on crackers (a pickle thrown on top for health), yorkshire pudding cooked in beef fat, a slice of standing rib roast large enough for a T-Rex, potatoes au gratin (cheese and butter and cream and cream and cream), cheesecake and chocolate buche de noel.

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