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Candy Store Collective

It's Wedding Season (And You'll Need Gifts): Big Sales at Mission Boutiques

Winter is usually considered the season for gifting, but with all the weddings, house parties and showers you've been attending, your pocketbook may beg to differ. Mission boutiques Candystore Collective and BellJar know what's up, so starting tomorrow and running through July 23rd they'll be offering a little incentive to prettify you our your celebrating friends' homes with items on sale from 20 to 40 percent off.

We Heart the Mission Saturday Stroll

Despite the hipsters, drug addicts, and occasional puke-spattered sidewalk, you'd be hard-pressed to find someone in the city that doesn't have a little place in their heart for the Mish. Why? The food, unique shops, and independent spirit keep everyone coming back. Show your love this Saturday by popping into some of your favorite neighborhood haunts in support of We Heart the Mission, a "midwinter stroll" featuring  sales, parties, and all sorts of incentives for keeping it local. For instance, you'll find 10% off everything at BellJar or 20% off in-store purchases at Rare Device...

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